Bambino Gold Found Dead In Macon County, AL

Bambino Gold Found Dead In Macon County, AL

According to WTVM, the Macon County Coroner confirms that a decaying body has been found on County Road 13. According to Hal Bentley, a person walking by a wooded area on County Road 13 noticed the body around 4:40 Friday afternoon in Hardaway, Alabama about a mile and a half from Highway 80 west, just past a residential area.

Alabama rapper Bambino Gold and his cousin Skooly Wit Da Tooly had been missing since November 5. Bambino Gold, born Edward Reeves, and Skooly Wit Da Tooly, born Kendrick Stokes, were reported missing on Nov. 7 in Alabama.

Cousins by marriage, Stokes and Reeves, who both originally hail from Montgomery, Ala., were last seen at the Sky Bar in their hometown. Stokes was in town to promote a party when Reeves came to town the next day. The two then left Stokes’ house to attend the Alabama National Fair. “A lot of people saw them there,” Stokes’ mother said.

The two then made their way back to Atlanta but made a stop at a friend’s house at 10:55 p.m. According to the friend, the cousins were supposed to return but when they didn’t he tried calling Reeves’ cell phone. Other members of the family also tried calling but the calls went straight to voicemail.

“Between 11:30 p.m. and 1 a.m., something happened between that time,” Webster said. “What happened, we don’t know.” The two were last seen driving a 2016 white Honda CRV with a Georgia license plate.


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  • Luke_AMG

    This doesn’t confirm he’s dead tho. They haven’t identify the body yet

  • pj

    thing is, if you are a former resident of Alabama and have become a successful ANYTHING, dont come back to Ala! There are too many hateful people here who carry lifetimes of HATE because of others success!! You come home and those people you think spreading love on you be waiting to catch you alone and cause harm and sometimes death as in this situation here!! WARNING!! When you leave ALa dont look back!! Have your people who you love come visit you and enjoy your success..! because so many ”DO NOTHING LOW LIVES” rather kill others who choose to live better lives other then get their own life together!! SAD DAY AND IM PRAYING FOR THE FAMILIES,,,,my heart goes out to them all!! pray they catch these mf, i’m sure they knew the victims