Video: DJ Paul Breaks Down Why Gangsta Boo Left Three 6 Mafia

Within this VladTV exclusive DJ Paul speaks about his new project with Da Mafia 6ix and who he considers to be part of the group.

The respected Southern voice, who helped elevate the signature sound of Three 6 Mafia, is now working on material with Da Mafia 6ix. The transformed group is sans Juicy J. DJ Paul reveals that ‘Watch What U Wish’ is the title of the pending project from Da Mafia 6ix and will be available on March 17.

Soon the convo turns to who is considered to be a part of Da Mafia 6ix. An honest chuckle introduces his comment, “The only person you will for sure have at the shows contractually will be me. It will be somebody with me, but I can’t speak on that right now.” Later Paul names Crunchy Black and Koopsta [Knicca] as the other members of Da Mafia 6ix. La Chat and Fiend are named as people who “travel back and forth” with the group.

Next, DJ Paul speaks about Gangsta Boo’s departure from the group. He says, “If something don’t work between people 16 years about — sixteen years later it still ain’t gonna work. So, if you don’t see eye-to-eye about s*** when you’re in your early 20s then when you’re coming up on 40 it really ain’t gonna happen.”

Finally, DJ Paul expounds upon Juicy J and his contribution to Da Mafia 6ix. “He [Juicy J] was on the first mixtape, but not none of the new stuff,” matter-of-factly states DJ Paul. Paul then clarifies that he and Juicy J are “still cool” but that they “don’t do [any] music together.”