Video: Key Glock – Crazy

Known for his outrageous boasts and unshakeable flow, Key Glock is one of the South’s hottest rising rappers. Rattling off the particulars of his insane lifestyle, Key Glock shares “Crazy,” his latest video. Viciously attacking a bouncing trap production courtesy of The Honorable C-N.O.T.E., Glock runs down his day-to-day, packing outrageous details into declarative bars: “I start up my day with a kush blunt to the face/Hop up in the AMG do you wanna race?/Ridin’ paper plates but I got expensive taste, yeah/Iā€™m a walkin’ bank, bitch, I get it every day.” In the video, Glock finds himself in a straitjacket, but that doesn’t stop his shine–even in an asylum he finds two women to party with. “Crazy” is the latest video from Glockoma, Glock’s latest album, following the sizzling “Bottom Of The Pot” and the ferocious “Since 6ix,” which has 8.6 million views on YouTube.