Video: 2 Chainz & OSBS – I Know

Blending Dirty South and West Coast rap sounds into a signature concoction, Big U-signed duo OSBS cut a unique figure in modern hip-hop. Preparing a batch of radio-ready heaters, the duo of Smoke and D5 announce No Cap, their debut EP. To accompany the announcement of the EP, OSBS shares “I Know,” their new video single.

With an aqueous instrumental that seamlessly shifts from traptastic toy piano to droning synths, “I Know” is the ideal soundtrack to post-peak club hours or a late-night smoke session. The song features a freewheeling guest verse from 2 Chainz, who references Tone-Loc, reveals his favorite bottled water brand, and brags about his custom, glow-in-the-dark jewelry. Featuring a soaring hook from Smoke, “I Know” is a study in the duo’s contrasting styles, as they explore the limits of their vocal deliveries and ride the contours of the beat, trading clever, playalistic rhymes. In the video, Smoke, D5, and 2 Chainz live a luxurious lifestyle, racing a Ferrari and chilling in the VIP with models.

With a co-sign from legendary behind-the-scenes West Coast figure Big U, OSBS (short for On Some Bullsh¡t” aims to redefine the sound of party music in Los Angeles and beyond. Unbound by region or style, the strength of OSBS (short for “On Some Bullshit”) is in the chemistry of the two members and their complementary approaches to the mic. On No Cap EP, Crenshaw duo creates their own melting pot of rap styles, taking elements of L.A. rider music and ATL trap and creating a fiery brand of party music. Featuring appearances from Lil Baby, Gunna, 2 Chainz, and Lil Xan, No Cap EP arrives on November 16th via Uneek/EMPIRE.