Video: OMB Peezy Ft. OMB IceBerg – Deeper Than You Think

Bay Area-via-Mobile rapper OMB Peezy shows a heist gone wrong in his “Deeper Than You Think” video, the third track off his debut solo album Loyalty Over Love, out now. The 21 year old prodigy manages to rap soul-baring lyrics with a hyphy Bay Area tinge.

Peezy shows a robbery he organized that did not go as planned, but the lyrics offer an explanation for why he’s in this position: “Me and my brother was stugglin hustling, tryna get us a lil meal/lLotta these n***** be rappin bout livin that shit, we was in it for real/lotta these n***** be rappin bout livin that shit, just to get em a deal.” Peezy is a young OG in the making. The Sick Wid It/300 Ent. signee was hailed as “The New Voice Of Regional Rap” by The FADER, wrapped up a tour with Bay Area legends Nef The Pharaoh and E-40, and the video for his breakout hit “Lay Down” has nearly 10 million streams on YouTube.