Video: OMB Peezy – Mind Of Overkill

With an uncommon command of deep-feeling southern rap music, OMB Peezy is wise far beyond his years. Delivering an affecting mission statement, OMB Peezy bares his soul in the video for “Mind of Overkill.”

A tuneful and intelligent rumination on the ghosts of Peezy’s past, “Mind of Overkill” finds the young rapper soaring above a gorgeous production from Drum Dummy, who adorns the track with spiritual blues piano. “Mind of Overkill” is a succinct summary of Peezy’s life and career up to this point, with a probing eye on the past and the future, which makes it the ideal closing track for Loyalty Over Love, Peezy’s recently released mixtape.

Nearly two years after his debut single “Lay Down” put Peezy on the map, he treated fans to another revealing glimpse when he shared Behind The Title: Loyalty Over Love, a mini-doc that explains the main themes behind the album.