Video: RE77 – D.I.P.

After establishing himself as a founding member of the Raider Klan, rapper RE77 (pronounced RELL) recently announced the release of his upcoming project [RA8N], set for release on August 3rd.

For this project RE77 expects fans to be looking for a deeper meaning in his music while still getting that turn up vibe his fans have come to expect from his tracks and fellow Raider Klan rappers as he releases the song, “Dip.”

“It was at least two occasions where I was like listen dammit! Why am I going out of my way for you? He was always doing some shit and I was trying to save him. I had only knew him for a few months and it was like every time he was doing some shit, but I was trying to help him and save him subconsciously because that’s what I do. It’s pointless to argue and I tried to help him morally understand situations.”

“I peeped a lot of the shit that he had to say. It’s just weird not only because of the people that it affected. It’s like how many times do you speak to somebody before they really understand? Like me him and a lot of other people I know were at a point to where we could speak to each other on another level. Like him being one of those people trying to understand and get past the bullshit and how that shit happened when it happened, that shit was lame as fuck man. Its just part of the bullshit that people gotta learn to avoid man. Learn to avoid it dog.”