Video: Lil Toenail – Pipe Down

Lil Toenail, aka Lil Toe is an upcoming musician from West Palm Beach FL. whose identity is unknown. He wears a foot costume and a ski mask to conceal his identity. He has racked millions of views in the past year from his rap songs. He has gained a cult following from his viral stunts and vulgar comedic lyrics.

Lil Toenail and George “joji” Miller have recently teamed up to independently release the song “Pipe Down” which boasts over 1 million plays in under 2 months on Soundcloud alone. joji is an established artist who is tied with 88 Rising. The song seems to be a rather serious tone which shows contrast in Lil Toenails variety in lyrical styles. The music video is now being promoted through Worldstar, a popular hip-hop news and promotion platform.