Video: Skooly – Baccstreet Boy

Boasting an influential flow and an uncommon sense of melody, ATLien Skooly is ready to become a household name. A sonic innovator and an architect of Atlanta’s melodic trap renaissance, credited as an influence by Young Thug among others, Skooly’s cultural clout manifested in a shoutout in the season premiere for FX’s hit show Atlanta, starring Donald Glover. Following the complimentary shout out in that popular series, Skooly is ready to make the move from underground hero status to mainstream recognition with his Don’t You Ever Forget Me trilogy.

Inhabiting five different characters and creating his own boy band, Skoolyshares the larger-than-life “Baccstreet Boy” video. A hard-nosed story of Skooly’s come-up with a titanic trap beat from The Honorable C-N.O.T.E., “Baccstreet Boy” illuminates a key contradiction within Skooly, contrasting his hardscrabble beginnings with his refined and radio-ready songcraft. In the video, the ATL rapper exposes five different aspects of his persona–street punk Skate, mobster Blacc Jon Gotti, the precocious Skool Boy, hipster King Cosa, and Skooly, the rapper’s usual identity–as he shows off his dance moves in front of a dark background. “Baccstreet Boy” is the latest video from Don’t You Ever Forget Me Vol. 2, following the boisterous “Really Rich,” the rowdy, fan-featuring video for “FreakHill,” and the conflicted video for “Racist.”