Video: OMB Peezy – Fuck My P.O.

Stacking syllables at lightning speed with an inimitable southern drawl, OMB Peezy is one of the game’s most distinctive young voices. After dropping his Humble Beginnings tape with Cardo and Young & Reckless with Sherwood Marty, Peezy is gearing up for a busy 2018, including his debut full-length.

Building up a head of steam over a minor-key slapper, Peezy explores the various ways the life of a hustler runs afoul of the law in “Fuck My P.O.,” his latest single. Brimming with fury and pride, Peezy rails against police and parole officers and their cruel treatment of ex-cons who try to toe the right path: “Crackers talkin’ bout my dreads/Sayin’ rappin’ ain’t a real job/Just bailed out for some marijuana before they hit me with a real charge.” In the video, Peezy stows away in a safehouse, until he has to run from a snooping police officer and escape the law.