Video: DJ Paul Interview w/ VladTV

DJ Paul shares with VladTV his thoughts on the untimely death of Three 6 Mafia co-founder Lord Infamous, who passed away from a heart attack in 2013. The multifaceted artist also reflects on what motivated him to start Da Mafia 6ix.

The candid conversation commences with a discussion on Lord Infamous’ death, and the reminiscent DJ Paul reflects that the relatively young Lord Infamous “had just turned 40 the month before.” Paul then reveals how he was affected by the terrible news. Given Lord Infamous’ edgy lifestyle, DJ Paul confides that his circle wasn’t “too much surprised” by the news, but they were deeply hurt by it.

Sincerity wraps DJ Paul’s words when he says, “It killed us. It took away from the whole group when he passed away.” He continues, “the whole group (Da Mafia 6ix) was formed because of him.”

Next, DJ Paul shares that it was the ‘DJ Paul & Lord Infamous: Come With Me to Hell‘ series that catalyzed the creation of the group, Da Mafia 6ix.

View the full clip to discover how Twitter played into the group reconnecting, how Lord Infamous pushed for its reconciliation, and how “Where’s Da Bud” champions the legacy of Lord Infamous.