Video: Young Dolph To Drop “The Weed Album” and “Bosses & Shooters” Projects This Year

Recently during DJ Holiday’s Holipalooza concert here in Atlanta, HHS1987 had a moment to talk with South Memphis hip-hop artist Young Dolph to discuss his recent project “High Class Street Music 4: American Gangster”, touring the country, working with Zaytoven and much more.

As Young Dolph continues to tour the country on his “American Gangster Tour”, Young Dolph shared how that experience has been one of a kind. “We just rock and rolling, we on the road going crazy” Dolph said when he begin talking about the tour. “Dates are still getting booked, everyday a new city is getting booked”.

Dolph also discussed the success of his new single “Preach” produced by Zaytoven. Young Dolph wasn’t planing on dropping “Preach” as a single but his fans across the country have been giving it so much positive feedback that he had no choice. “These folks just love it”, Dolph said with a smile, “I don’t gotta do nothing. Once that beat drops, it’s over”.

Young Dolph also spoke on his relationships with 2 Chainz and Gucci Mane. Dolph elaborated on the support both Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz have given him from day one and how they are two artist who genuinely want to see him win. Dolph spoke on working with the Street Execs but acknowledged that the success of his label Paper Route Empire is what got him here today.

Before concluding the interview, Young Dolph spoke on dropping two new projects “The Weed Album” and “Bosses & Shooters” before the year is over. With movies on the way and a clothing line probably in the works, Young Dolph is set to continue traveling the road to success.