Video: The Triple D [Movie Trailer]

With the Dallas, Texas rap scene solidifying over the past decade with several prominent acts and hit singles, director Juan Salas looks to shed light on the city’s ambitious rap scene with a urban crime drama. Featuring members of the local rap scene in a hip-hop flick that draws from films like Wildstyle, State Property and Paid in Full, executive producer Mista E and director Juan Salas have created a film that will make both Texas and the South proud.

“I havent seen many films set in Dallas, Texas, every major city has their own film except us. As filmmakers, we set out to tell a good story, this movie is set in the city, but it deals with morals and issues we can all relate to. You dont have to be from Dallas to enjoy this urban crime drama, it’s definitely a contemporary hip hop film,” explained director Juan Salas.

Packed with drama, suspense, and a plot that drives home a moral to the story, Juan Salas has crafted a cinematic experience that rivals other great hip-hop movies of our time. While some of the characters like Pooca Leroy and T-Cash are quickly gaining momentum on the Southern Hip-Hop scene, rappers like Mr. Lucci and Big Chief have been mainstays on the Dallas, Texas urban music scene for years and the film also boasts appearances from Fat Pimp, Tum Tum and Dorrough Music.

“This movie is based on life in Dallas, it’s not a documentary. It’s based on young men with a common goal, but they all have different paths to reach that goal and their situations cross paths.” Mista E said.