Video: Kevin Gates Says Going To Prison Was The Best Thing That Happened To Him

Kevin Gates opens up about being in the juvenile system when he was younger, which led to him going in and out of jail throughout his adult years. The XXL Freshman explains that going to jail as a child “took the fear of imprisonment away,” and says “it criminalizes you.”

When asked about facing a 30-year sentence, Kevin details how the charges racked up after he stabbed someone in self defense. He reveals that he was being charged as a convicted felon with a firearm, which resulted in 10-15 added years. An additional charge of being around a controlled substance added another 10-15 years to his sentence.

In total, Kevin spent 31 months in jail for his convictions, but says “prison was the best thing that ever happened to me.” The Louisiana native says that it taught him respect for himself and everything around him, and adds, “it only gets gangster if necessary.”