Video: Master P Ft. Howie T – It’s A Jungle Out Here

Master P rounds up his native New Orleans Indians as he suits up in his big Chiefs Indian suit that is handmade, bead by bead, stitch by stitch, New Orleans style for the It’s a Jungle out Here vide. Master P takes this video back to his home town New Orleans, LA giving the world a glimpse of his heritage and southern style culture.

The black Indians dance and sing traditional songs particular to their “tribe”, and Mardi Graws Fat Tuesday Style. They use hodgepodge languages loosely based on different African dialects. The “Big Chief” decides where the “tribe” will parade; the parade route is different each time. When two tribes come across each other, they either pass by or meet for a symbolic fight. Each tribe lines up and the “Big Chiefs” taunt each other about their suits and their tribes. The drum beats of the two tribes intertwine, and the face off is complete. Both tribes continue on their way. This has been a tradition for over a century as The black neighborhoods in New Orleans gradually developed their own style of celebrating Mardi Gras.