Jay Stonez Interview w/ TrapsNTrunks.com

Jay Stonez Interview w/ TrapsNTrunks.com

Jay Stonez’ new tape A1 Fishscale drops next Monday! 

TrapsNTrunks: What was it like growing up in Chicago and how did it affect your style of music?

Jay Stonez: Growing Up in the Englewood area of Chicago wasn’t hard but, it show’ll wasn’t easy. I learned a lot, witnessed a lot & been thru a lot. Coming from where I’m from fashion is a big thing & the average kid doesn’t make it to see 21, so with me being able to paint a picture thru music and the people love it, it’s a blessing to be in that position.

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TrapsNTrunks: What artists or producers do you feel influenced your music the most?

Jay Stonez: No one really influenced me, My team are the ones who influenced me the most… My personal manager Mykel Gross, producers: The Kid Deezy, Jahari XL, The Gift, there production is the fuel, I just add the FIRE!!!

TrapsNTrunks: Your new single “Cooking All Morning” featuring 2 Chainz has been heating up in the streets the past several months. How did you two link up?

Jay Stonez: Me & Titt linked up thru a mutual friend who is also an artist as well (Cap 1) plus Titt was already familiar w/ me so, I shot Cap over the smash, he got it to him & it was a wrap from there…Now we cookin

TrapsNTrunks: Some of the producers on your new tape A1 Fishscale include K.E. On The Track, The Gift, The Kid Deezy, and Mr. Chefy. Which producer do you feel like you have the best chemistry with? And are there any producers you would you like to work with in the future?

Jay Stonez: I have the best chemistry w/ all the producers that’s on the project… We all get up w/ each other & create magic. We all been working together so long its to the point now they know what I like & what i don’t like. What ever beats I come up w/ the best songs to that’s on them now HA!… But yeah we all have great chemistry… Near future I’m looking to work w/ Will I Am, Polo Da Don, The Dream, Justice League, Drumma Boy & any producers that’s willing to work w/ me…

TrapsNTrunks: Who is your favorite rapper at the moment and why?

Jay Stonez: My favorite rapper @ the moment is me, why? Because I just get a rush hearing myself come thru them airwaves. & the more I do it, the better I get so, I enjoy seeing Growth & Progress. But Rick Ross & Drake Albums are definitely in the Disc Changer though.

TrapsNTrunks: The rap game has changed since the 90’s and there seems to be a lot more artists on their independent grind. Explain your current label situation and any goals you have for 2012?

Jay Stonez: Currently I’m w/ BrotherHood Entertainment Indie Label Based Out Of Chicago. We been going hard like 8 months now, & been receiving some wonderful feedback. As of now I’m working on building my brand & recording hit records. If opportunity comes & the situation is right who knows where I will end up. But as of now I’m focused.

TrapsNTrunks: Your new mixtape A1 Fishscale drops on April 16th. How does it compare to your previous work? Talk a little bit about the process of making the tape and also the concept behind the project?

Jay Stonez: The project is phenomenal, it consist of 14 hot tracks that all have meaning to them. All the material was done & do for release March 12th but, I took the records thru another stage by getting them all mastered S/O Chris Athen over there at Sterling Sound for sending the material bk w/ an amazing sound. Compared to my previous work, I say these joints are better why? Because in this game it’s all about staying relevant & being consistent & every joints sounds like what’s going on right now today.

TrapsNTrunks: What is the best way to contact you for features, show bookings, or for your fans to reach you?

Jay Stonez: You can contact me @ Twitter.com/jay_stonez
Gmail jabariroberison@gmail.com

TrapsNTrunks: Are there any last words that you will like to tell our readers before we end this interview?

Jay Stonez: R.I.P to my mother, S/O BHE, Traps N Trunks & everybody thats been supporting me since day 1… & If any children are reading this stay in school, say no to drugs, listen to your parents, & be respectful to elders… “Jay Stonez”

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