Video: Alley Boy – TrapsNTrunks Interview w/ Ms Rivercity

Video: Alley Boy – TrapsNTrunks Interview w/ Ms Rivercity


After spending almost the last two months in jail, Alley Boy is back to work on his next mixtape, Nigganati. In the first interview AB has given since being released, he talks about his legal troubles, the Duct Tape movement, and “The Real A.” (Just released: Strictly 4 TrapsNTrunks 27 features the track Alley Boy recorded last night with Eldorado Red, Eastside Jody, and Bambino Gold. Studio photos below.)

For people who don’t know, tell us where you’ve been and what happened.
I had got jammed up, I was driving in my car and got pulled over. For the last year and a half I been on the run. All this time I just been workin’, tryin’ to build up my shit, but I always been on the run. I caught a case at the end of ’09 and it violated my probation. I wanted to keep working so that’s the reason I didn’t turn myself in. I felt like I had to work on my music ‘cause I knew I was gon’ have a little ride, at least I thought I was. So I got locked up, but when I went to court I had a good ass lawyer. They gave me a probation bond and let me out until I finish with the cases. I still gotta go to court, but for the most part I think I’m good. I was locked up for a month and a half – shit felt like a year. To a person who probably ain’t got shit goin’ on that shit seems short, but when you got a career and a dream you pushin’, that shit seems like forever.

By the grace of God, I was still able to work while I was on the run on the street. I don’t know if people remember, on the Purgatory mixtape before the “Lift the Load” song, I had a voicemail from the probation officer telling me there was a warrant on me. It was a real recording. But I feel like it was a blessing in disguise – it helped me get passed something I always had on my head. I had a great attorney. For all the people that think money don’t talk, it really do. They was tryin’ to give me two years, but I got a bond. The whole situation turned out for the better. They can’t even find the paperwork for my charges, so it was a blessing. Last time I got out of jail, I got signed with Atlantic a month later. Every time I get jammed up, God make a better situation for me.

What’s the plan for the new tape you have coming out?
Right now we in the studio, I got the whole mob in this muthafucka – my nigga Eldorado Red, Eastside Jody, Bambino Gold, Trouble Trouble, the whole Duct Tape. All us been goin’ crazy. I think this Nigganati probably gon’ be bigger than Definition of Fuck Shit. I’m hoping it is, I’ma put it out there and let the streets decide. I got Atlantic standing behind me 100%.

A lot of people want to know what it’s going to take for you to get to that next level, into the mainstream so-to-speak.
I been so comfortable – I think that’s probably my problem. I been comfortable in my position with this street shit. Atlantic has been searching for a single for me. I got this song called “Countless” – they ready to go in on that in January. I dropped it before I got arrested. It’s a crazy ass song. I drop so much street shit, but they wanna bring out some shit that’ll appeal to a mass crowd. I feel like I’m one hit away. Outside of that, I’m still doin’ my street shit and the Nigganati mixtape. I ain’t put no date on it, but I’m thinkin’ early January.

What’s going on with the rest of the Duct Tape movement? Trouble is making a lot of noise lately. Talk to us about your camp.
That’s always been our whole campaign, to push all us as a whole. I never been one to be like, “Alley Boy Alley Boy,” I always been “Duct Tape.” That was one of my main goals when Trouble came home, that we’d have a lane he could get in and do his thing. Every thing I wish for myself I wish for him. But I try to do it in a while where people won’t feel like he up under me because we don’t know how the ball will bounce. He might be bigger than me one day and I might have to ride his back to a certain point. When he was locked up I felt like it was my duty to hold him down, and if I had been locked up longer he woulda did the same for me.

In a lot of your music you talk about “the real A.” What do you mean by that?
When they hear Nigganati, I got a song called “My City.” I feel like it’s a lot of artists in Atlanta and a lot of artists coming from outside Atlanta, but this shit I’m doin’ is a little more passionate. If I had been forefronted in Atlanta the way a lot of niggas been forefronted – they word been gettin’ heard and people been goin’ to them for the scoop on what’s goin’ on around the city – they wouldn’t be lookin’ at the city the way they do. Since I started rappin’ I felt like when I get on and niggas can really hear me, the first shit I’ma stand on is the way they look at my city ain’t really what the fuck goin’ on. It’s gangstas in every city, it’s real niggas in every city. I feel like they tryin’ to let these faggot-ass niggas and these strip clubs wit’ these bitches override the real shit. So when I say “This My City”, I’m sayin’ I’m the only one active as far as an artist who’s really in the street. My niggas still active. The niggas that been forefronted ain’t really been speakin’ up for the city they way they supposed to. They probably done got they money, they rich, and it’s easy for a rich nigga to ignore certain situations – until they money start to decline and the fans ain’t fuckin’ wit’ that fake shit they been puttin’ out. That’s when they talk about “real niggas is back in it” and this and that. I ain’t never gon’ say “the real is back in it” or no shit like that, ‘cause I’m always real. I’ma always speak my opinion on what’s real and what’s not.

Alley Boy – Speak For Me

I stand for the city, and for all those who don’t rap but out here warring in the streets. It’s fucked up, ain’t no bricks in the city. Dope still sellin’ but it ain’t no major shit goin’, all that flexin’ niggas be talkin’ about. I always try to stay relevant on what the fuck goin’ on ‘cause I’m still in it, my niggas still in it, so I know what the fuck goin’ on. Niggas be wondering why they can’t pop off, ‘cause niggas don’t wanna hear that shit. Niggas don’t wanna hear a nigga flexin’ that ain’t in the muthafuckin’ streets like that no more. Even though I can eat off the music, all my niggas still in the streets and I have to feel them niggas pain.

Do you want say anything to people that might label you and Duct Tape as bullies?
The industry gay as fuck. I ain’t sayin’ all the niggas gay, but I’m sayin’ it’s a lot of faggots that run the industry. They tryin’ to make that shit like it’s a religion or a race, that ain’t what’s poppin’ man! That ain’t no real shit. I made a statement on Worldstar one time like, “Tell them muthafuckas they can’t come to the A.” I stand behind every muthafuckin’ thing I say 100%. I’m talkin’ about these industry niggas, I’m not talkin’ about independent niggas and niggas really out here workin’ – I feel like they gon’ run into those same roadblocks I ran into. To all them muthafuckas that put up roadblocks on my grind, I don’t want y’all muthafuckas in my city. I mean that shit. A muthafucka ain’t gon’ be down here announcing they doin’ videos and they don’t fuck wit’ me or my whole family. It ain’t no bully shit, it’s just that I know when I go to another city I reach out to the streets, to the niggas who really run the city. Fuck that industry shit. I ain’t finna be hiding behind security the way a lot of these niggas be doin’. I ain’t gon’ say no names, but niggas in Atlanta be sayin’ this they city but they runnin’ around wit’ security. You’ll never see me wit’ no muthafuckin’ security in my own city.

If a muthafucka feel like I’m on some bully shit, they really got me fucked up ‘cause I’m one of the coolest niggas. If they feel like that, then they must be one of these pussy ass niggas I be talkin’ ‘bout. Any real nigga gon’ understand where I’m comin’ from. When a nigga look in my eye I ain’t gotta blink when I talk or fake it to be the person I am. Niggas rather believe a lie than the truth, and I feel like I’m the truth so if you don’t wanna hear the truth, you don’t wanna hear me. If you wanna hear lies, go listen to these other niggas, but you gon’ be disappointed. At the end of the day I work hard and put out good music. I just hate that a lot of fake ass niggas do good music.

Well it’s good to see you home and working. Is there anything else you want to let people know?
Nigganati on the way, a month and a half at the latest. I really just wanna kill ‘em. I feel like a new person. I feel like a free muthafucka. For any nigga been in that situation, they know how good it feel not to have that load on they back no more. I’m feeling too creative right now. Salute to all the real niggas.

Alley Boy, Eldorado Red, Eastside Jody, Bambino Gold
by: Ms Rivercity

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