Juicy J – TrapsNTrunks Interview w/ Ms Rivercity

Juicy J – TrapsNTrunks Interview w/ Ms Rivercity


Juicy J talks Blue Dream & Lean mixtape hosted by DJ Scream, signing to Taylor Gang, and a new Three 6 Mafia album. He also discusses his legend status, coaching younger cats in the game, and other eggs in his basket. Blue Dream & Lean drops Tuesday at 7pm.

Tell us about the new mixtape Blue Dream & Lean. What can people expect to hear?
You about to hear hamburgers and fries – I know you done tasted hamburgers and fries, but you about to hear it. That means it’s the whole combo. The music is straight gangsta, get high, all that, all in one. You got a little bit of the old Triple 6 mixed with the new Triple 6. It’s crazy.

Who do you have featured and what about the production?
I got production by Sonny Digital – I did production myself – Crazy Mike, AOne, Lex Luger, Harry Fraud, Yung Ced. As far as features, I got my little brother Wiz Khalifa (Stoner’s Night 2), I got A$AP Rocky on there, SpaceGhostPurrp, Kee – an artist out of ATL, the Young Nigga Movement, Project Pat, Alley Boy, 2 Chainz – that’s my brother. It’s jammin’. There’s something on there for everybody – chicks, street niggas, niggas in jail, get high niggas, all in one.

You’ve been working with Lex Luger for a while. Is he your main go-to guy for beats now?
I call it the Young Nigga Movement – Lex Luger, Sonny Digital, Southside, AOne, Yung Ced – all these up-and-coming producers are my go-to guys. I like they beats, they are the future of Hip Hop music. I produce and make beats myself, but I like working with other producers too. It’s a new sound, these guys are talented. I keep my ear to the streets and I know music.

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Zip & a Double Cup is doing good right now. How did the remix come about? Obviously you’re cool with 2 Chainz, so how did you end up getting Joker on there?
Oh yeah, Joker’s on the mixtape too! The remix is definitely on the mixtape. I was listening to some of Joker’s mixtapes and I liked his flow, it’s crazy. I was like, I gotta get that dude on a song. We’re doing a lot of stuff together.

You had a Living Legend video documentary that came out recently. What does it take to be a living legend in your opinion?

Well I won an Academy Award. I’ve been doing this so long and I feel like I’m a Godfather in the game. I feel like Michael Jordan right now. Working with a lot of young cats, I feel like a coach. I ain’t goin’ nowhere no time soon. It’s a blessing being around so long and still doin’ it. I been working hard all my life. I came from nothin’ to somethin’, straight from the hood to the big mansions. I know what it feels like to not have nothin’, and I know what it feels like to have something. I hustle to get where I’m at, and regardless of what I got I never stop workin’ ‘cause it’s always good to stack stacks on top of stacks. This is what I do, I’m a workin’ machine. Sometimes I overwork myself and need a vacation, but I like making music – rap music, R&B, pop music, it don’t matter. I’m a musician, I can write any kind of song.

What’s something you’ve written lately that might be outside of your typical box?
Me and Paul just wrote a song for this movie called Footloose. It was in the top 5 movies at the box office. We still in the game.

How have you managed to keep your underground appeal and maintain your original audience even after all the accolades and fame?
I’m still reaching out with the mixtapes. Mixtapes are good because you can do what you want, you can sample what you want. It’s all free music so you can express yourself. People want that old Three 6 Mafia with the new swag so I keep the mixtapes out.

When you’re not listening to your music, who else is on your playlist? You mentioned you like other genres of music.
I like old-school stuff like Isaac Hayes, Al Green, Michael Jackson, and as far as today’s music, I like Foo Fighters, Metallica, Adele – she’s got a great voice, I like Amy Winehouse, Kesha. I’m a musician so I listen to all kinds of music. I write songs for movies and television so my mind is bigger than just one type of music.

Speaking of television, what’s going on with your reality show career? Any plans on continuing that in the future?
We just did the reality show Famous Food where we run a Hollywood restaurant. We won the competition. You know maybe, but real talk, I’m more of a behind-the-scenes guy and I just ended up in front of the scenes. I’m so outspoken, I say what I say and do what I do and don’t give a damn what people think about me. That’s my thing – I’m Juicy J and I don’t care. But right now we got some scripts, we got a couple movies we’re gonna produce and put out. Making another reality show? I don’t know. To be honest, it’s not easy. Everybody thinks you go in there, put a camera in your face and everything’s all good – it’s not like that. It’s a long working process, so it’s not easy. But who knows? If somebody asks me to do something and the money is right, I’ll definitely do another reality show – if the money is right…cash!

What about solo album plans? And are you and Paul working on another Three 6 album?
We still got the Three 6 Mafia coming, hopefully this year, but definitely this upcoming year. We got over 60 songs and we’re still recording on it. We got solo stuff we puttin’ out. I’m with Wiz and Taylor Gang now so I’m doing my solo stuff with him. 2012 you gon’ see a lot of Three 6 Mafia and Juicy J.


What else do you want to let people know about?
If you tryin’ to book me for a show or verses, hit my cousin Ray up 901-292-0795. I got these We Trippy Mane t-shirts goin’ like hotcakes. If you want one go to JuicyJofThree6Mafia.com. Follow me on Twitter @TheRealJuicyJ.